Installation and programming of PLC and programmable equipment.
SCADA systems, HMI systems with remote monitoring capability.

Environmental Systems.

Installation and supply of Environmental systems for underground gasses and fire detection.

Condition Monitoring.

Wireless online temperature vibration, air velocity power monitoring for refrigeration systems and bearings.
Humidity and CO2 levels.
Real time online software and historian.
SMS and email notification.
ADSL and 3G gateway to real time condition monitoring software.
Over 40 types of sensors.

Networking & Communication.

Installation of different network types and associated equipment.
Installation of any wireless type network, fiber optics and copper cable networks.
Installation of industrial Ethernet instruments and network components for PLC and SCADA monitoring.
Converting of 232 to 485 protocols.
Installation of 2 wire industrial Ethernet and high data rates.
Installation of Ethernet IP cameras.


Building of MCC panels.
Installation of all types of electrical cable.
Cable rack installations.
Commissioning of systems.


Electrical and Pneumatic actuators.
Installations and Commissioning.
Supply of Actuators.