Excel type design patterns
Excel type Designer,Remote design,Multi-person collaboration,Multiple working directory.
Data support
Support for multiple databases and types,Provide heterogeneous data source model,Make the data of the same report available from multiple different tables in the same database, or multiple different databases.
Complex report processing
Provide row symmetry, Grouping, paging, columnization,Dynamic inter-lattice operation,Aggregate reports and a series of functions.
H5 Chart,more than 20 types,more than 100 styles.
Data map
Built-in data maps based on GIS layers,Very fine granularity of,The style is rich.
Decision report
Responsive layout,Form an independent free refresh,Suitable for building a management cockpit.
Interaction analysis
Chart linkage, Data linkage, Multidimensional data drilling, Any combination of drilling, Unlimited levels of drilling, Multidimensional data analysis,Instant analysis,Control query. Parameters control Visual parameter configuration,Rich parameter
controls,Customize all kinds of advanced data screening.
Data fill in
Support multi-style data entry, Check, Multistage circulation Support offline fill in,multi sheet fill in,paging fill in,batch excel Import etc. Printout Support all major printing methods and file output types,Support attribute customization.
Large screen application
Data management cockpit on the large screen.
Decision platform
For reports, user, Uniform access to permissions, Centralized management, Classification
Timing schedule
For routine tasks,Set timing schedule,The server automatically generates the report and sends it.
Access control
Rich permission authentication method and detailed permission granularity control scheme,convenient for single sign-on.